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Liberty Global Import has long been a pioneer in the ever-evolving world of import management. We have been managing the import functions for the retail, small business community, government agencies and international companies since 1986. We are recognized as having unique and comprehensive expertise in all facets of global trade. We want to become your Global Partner. We do this by taking the time to understand your specific requirements, assist you where prudent, and to serve your needs and save you money.

We have offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and our headquarters office in LA, California to serve you. We are experienced with sourcing, importing, exporting, and retail product development and private label. We have assisted our customers by reducing their production costs through overseas manufacturers, consolidation of shipments, on-site inspections to ensure integrity and quality standards are met, and a wide range of other services to lower their import costs. 

We can perform specific tasks on your behalf, or handle all of your textile import needs. You decide which of our services best meets your specific needs. We have maintained global trade prominence by staying in tune with all of the current trends and movements within the international textile marketplace. We have an extensive network of individuals and teams possessing skills and knowledge in all areas of international trade of textiles. We have even developed our own unique software program to consolidate shipments from different vendors with similar ship dates and ports.

We have an established record of saving our clients up to 30%, even when buying the same product from the same vendor. Let us begin saving you time, aggravation and money now.

Contact us today for a free quote!!

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